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Emily gallivanting around Reynisfjara, Iceland

Emily gallivanting around Reynisfjara, Iceland

I was born as Emily Cleary, and I still go by Emily Cleary. I started my life in Yonkers, New York, nearly 350 full moons ago. Now I'm living in Miami, where all the rain is...

I spent most of my young days playing piano and singing, competing in spelling bees, using dial up and floppy discs, and coding DIV layouts on MySpace until 5am. 

These days, I'm all about bridging gaps. When I worked as an educator, my goal was to bridge the gap between academia and the arts. Now, I'm crossing a different bridge over the same body of water (think Amsterdam canals) by applying sociological and conceptual design perspectives in the tech ecosphere. My experience in business and marketing, sociology, education, writing, music, and tech have found a home in UX Design.

When I'm not bridging gaps through relationship + network building or creating compelling user experiences between humans and devices, I'm recording and playing live music, traveling, at the gym, reading, eating açai bowls, and petting random people's cute dogs.

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